Family Reunion Planning Time Again

 Are any of you blessed with planning your annual family reunion? I am! I’m looking for good ideas if you have any. It will by our 100th Lyle Family Reunion for the descendents of Hugh and Nancy Lyle (or I think that is correct anyway). Since it is our 100th, we want to make it special.

The other day, I was at “Power Play”…a kids game place, and there is a lady standing there with a T shirt on advertising her family reunion. I thought that was a great idea. We’re already in process on getting one designed for the reunion. Now, historically, it has been one of those reunions where we all show up with a covered dish, talk and eat, kids play in the pool a little while, and basically we’re all gone by 3:30 at the latest. It would be great to see this one go down a little different.

Family reunions are great because they are the only way to actually see some people. Usually, it s our “5th cousin” that lives 5 states away. Or, it is a first cousin who lives in the same town, but is 5 years older. OR, it is that cousin that is my same age, that I didn’t really like anyway. OR, the best…getting to see that one cousin who lives in Georgia that I dearly love and want to spend way more time with. But, its still cool to get together, see all the new wrinkles (or lack of), and new “around the middle” spread…does that really have to happen?

This year will be bittersweet. My grandfather passed away in October 2008 at the age of 105. We were all rooting for him to be at this, our 100th reunion, but it was not to be. There are so many people that have dropped of f our list, and a few that somehow never got on there. I am sure I have cousins from my dad’s mother’s side that really got wiped out because their last name was not Lyle.

Let’s all plan a wonderful family reunion this year and make it very special.

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