My Top 10 Reasons Why it Rocks to be a Realtor®

Being a Realtor® ROCKS! WHY? Why do you work long hours, take calls in the middle of the night, and drive through a severe thunderstorm?  WHY?  Or, maybe you have been entertaining a real estate career. Why do you want to be a realtor®? 

Business leaders encourage you to find, figure out, and then keep your WHY in a prominent spot in your office. Being a Realtor® is entrepreneurial in many ways. It may be “in your blood.” For instance, both my dad and mom were entrepreneurs and had their own businesses. Although, I know many realtors whose parents have always worked as an employee, so that may not be it. I questioned this and thought about it and came up with My Top 10 Reasons Why it Rocks to be a Realtor®.

1. I love real estate. Viewing homes, watching emerging trends, driving through beautiful countryside, the rich history, the unique individuality, the stunning nature, the remarkable vistas, and the incredible designs are all fascinating.   Do you walk into a fabulous colonial mansion and wonder who built it and why? Do you rush to the annual spring and fall homes tours to see all the new styles and trends? Do you wonder down dirt roads to see the land behind the highway?  Then you have real estate in your blood as well.  It’s just all so fascinating.

2. I love working with people and helping them achieve their dream. Working with unique and different individuals can be illuminating and helps me to understand more about myself. I always want to know their life story, why they do what they do, what they do, where they are from. Understanding who they are and their needs is key helping them find the perfect spot to call home.

3. Investments.  I love passive income. My goal is to retire with more money coming in after retirement than what I was making before retirement. Does that sound too good to be true? Not really. Hard? Yes, but very doable. But really when you think about it, who knows where to find the deals to buy and hold property? A realtor®. How better to understand real estate value and market better than being a realtor®? Most realtors own property. Not all, but most. They want to make money long after they close a deal. The realm of the real estate industry provides more than 10 different and unique avenues to make money. This is not learned over night, but if you understand that sustained income comes with growth, knowledge, and experience you could have a nice nest egg long after your retire. (Leverage!)

4. Risk. Life without any risk is boring. Life with too much risk is scary, but the magic happens somewhere outside the paycheck. There’s something to be said for learning a risky trade such as real estate and continuing to hone in on your skill. This is true of all career choices; however, if you look at all the reasons real estate rocks, you’ll see how fun it can really be!

5. Money. This one is loaded because some people strive to be insanely rich and others just want to make a living. Most fall somewhere in between. Being a realtor®, if you really polish your skills and work hard, can provide you with a very nice income for your future, and into retirement (see #3).

6. Be your own boss – set your own hours. For most people, this is one of the first reasons why they initially got into real estate. Either they had a bad boss, or they are too independent to even think about someone telling them what to do. Yes, you do have a broker, and you must follow the rules of the company and the state laws, but if you don’t make it into the office until 11:00 a.m., that’s your business because you set your own hours and refine your skill to make the amount of money you want to make. I hear people tell me “but you have to work on Sunday, that’s your biggest day”! Not necessarily. One of the richest realtors I know who worked his way up to owning a region and 6 offices in very affluent locations throughout the U.S. never worked on a Sunday and draws a 9-figure monthly income. He set the precedent on day one, and said that Sunday is family day and put his family first. He knew exactly what his WHY was. You can have a real estate career without working the days that society tells you to. Or did you plan to exchange your boss for a whole community? Again, be your own boss.

7.  Professional and personal development. I was surprised to learn how much training that comes with my company that is included free (no extra cost for training at all and it is hands down the best training out there). Not only are there scores of professional development topics from marketing, lead generation, and setting up and running your real estate business, but there are also numerous personal development trainings as well (like efficient time management, exercise, etc). It is amazing the amount of professionalism and better quality of life you attain through learning how to become the best realtor® you can be. It is humbling and gives you more courage and confidence to become the best you can be.

8. You get to help people. Maybe you have a client with a so-so credit score that needs a home because there’s a baby on the way, or maybe you have a client who is facing foreclosure and needs to sell their home quickly for the best possible price in order to save their credit score and move into something more affordable. Or, the look of pure joy when a client walks into the home they have always dreamed of owning and gets an accepted offer. This is all very rewarding.

9. Expand and grow as the industry expands and grows. Real estate is ever changing. You will never be bored in this industry. Trends change quickly, but enough stays the same so that you can build on your experience. Real estate is cutting edge, and yet simple. It is exciting, and yet comfortable. You grow in your career as the trends and market change all while honing your skills.

10. Support system. Real estate industry is professional and provides State-level legal support as well as local. In addition, our company provides lead generation, training, client support, professional, stock ownership, revenue share, affiliate income, personal/professional development, and so much more.

For me all this boils down to the very, very biggest reason of all: FREEDOM – Financial and Time freedom.   

Whatever your reason is, I’d really enjoy hear about it, your focused goals, and your steps to achieving these goals. Did I leave your WHY out? Share it here. Which one is your favorite?

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K. K. Rothermich is a 20-year real estate veteran with experience in listing and selling homes, farm, and commercial residential development land. She wants to talk with you about all your real estate questions, comments, and needs. You can reach her for a free consultation at Visit her website at 

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