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20 Questions to ask Yourself when Considering a career in Real Estate

Lately I’ve been speaking to a lot of people who have always dreamed of having a career in real estate. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as it is a fabulous career. But why would you want to get your real estate license? As with many different careers, there are several reasons of course.

  1. Do you want to control your own schedule?
  2. Do you love looking at homes and/or land?
  3. Are you knowledgeable about home ownership?
  4. Do you love meeting new people?
  5. Are you a self-starter? Or are you the “I don’t know how?” type of person?
  6. Are you the type of person that if you don’t know how, you figure out how?
  7. Do you regularly think outside the box?
  8. Are you a bit of a rebel, and enjoy forging a new path?
  9. When trouble strikes, do you go around it, or figure out a way through it?
  10. Do you want a better life?
  11. Do you want to work from home?
  12. Are you organized?
  13. Do you dearly love all sorts of real estate?
  14. Do you do procrastinate frequently? Or do you feel accomplishment when you get things accomplished?
  15. Do you enjoy marketing?
  16. Do you love paperwork and filling out forms?
  17. Do you answer your phone, email, and text?
  18. Will I make a good real estate agent?
  19. Why would I enjoy real estate?
  20. When can I get started?

If any of this makes any sense at all to you, and you are ready for the challenge, give me a call, and I’ll answer any questions you have. No pressure. Karen Rothermich 1-800-439-7773 x799. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Welcome to real estate

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