6 Steps to Finding a Home in This Fast-Paced Housing Market

6 Steps to Finding a Home in this Fast-paced Market

Finding home in this fast-paced marketing can be very frustrating.  The Kansas City area is seeing more of a housing shortage than its seen in a very long time.  Affordable homes see to be the most difficult to locate.  If you follow these steps and be mindful of them, you can minimize your time and frustration.

1.  Set Your Goals

Be very clear about what you want.  You may have to make a few changes, but put your absolute “must haves” on your list.  This should be a short list of about 6-7 things that you cannot live without.  You can have an extended list of “nice to have but not mandatory”, but keep your goal short and sweet to maximize opportunities as they arise.

Along with your “must haves” set a clear budget of what you can afford.  Start LOW!  You can always raise it later, but if you set your price low, chances are you may have to raise it anyway, but if you don’t this is a bonus.

Have a clearly defined boundary of location.  You can always widen it if you have to, but start exactly where you want to be.  Ever watch “Love It or List It” on Television?  It seems like David is always having to step outside the couple’s preferred neighborhood in order to meet their “must haves” list in their price range.

2.  Locate a Responsive Real Estate Agent who is Experienced in the Area you are Looking

This may NOT be the highest producing and most popular agent in your area.  This person may be too busy to personalize your needs to his/her own.  Or, he/she may not specialize in the area you are looking, or even worse they are unresponsive to you.  “But she’s my Aunt Sally and has been selling real estate for years,” you respond.  That is wonderful.  She can still help.  Here’s how.  Tell you you are looking in an area outside of her expertise and can she recommend someone.  She will get a referral fee and can still be involved in the process, but you gain the expertise you are looking for.  It’s a win-win.

Ask your realtor these questions before hiring: 1) Do you have time to set up showings immediately and work around my schedule?  2) Are you experienced in this neighborhood?  3) How long have you been in real estate?  4) Do you answer your phone and respond quickly? 5) Can you please provide me with 3 references?  Then call them! It is very important to follow up with references.  You gain a lot of insight.

3.  Clear Your Calendar

Your agent can only take you so far.  You HAVE to be available to look at houses at a moments notice.  Houses come on the market at all times and hours.  Even if you work 40+ hours a week, as most of us do, you have to be available as soon as your shift is over.

4.  Set Up Recurring Notices

Go to my website that searches properties directly from the multiple listing service, and put in your name, email and phone number.  Then, set up notifications that go direct to your cell phone.  As soon as a property you have interest in is located, it will either text or email you depending on your preference.  Call or text me and let’s get the showing set up at your earliest convenience.  Here’s my website: https://karenrothermich.mo.exprealty.com/ and here is my telephone number.  816-866-1332.  I will respond as soon as I can and bring a contract for purchase with me for the showing.

5.  Make Quick Decisions But Not Hasty Ones

Even if this is not your style, be prepared to make an offer immediately.  I know I usually like to really think things through before I leap.  I can’t tell you how many homes I have missed doing this.  That said, make sure you spend plenty of time at the house and checking it out.  Get a feel for if you can see yourself there or not.  If you can spend an hour in the home and not really be prepared to leave yet, you probably really like the place.

6.  Realize This Can Take Some Time

“This, too, shall pass” was my mom’s favorite saying to us kids growing up.  We would become frustrated with a situation or place and not want to have to deal with it.  House hunting is a fun and exciting time, but in this market it can quickly turn highly-charged with emotion and frustration.  If you go in knowing this will take time, follow the steps outlined above, and don’t set your expectations high that you’ll find your perfect home the first time out, you will help keep yourself feeling balanced and on target.

Finding a home in this crazy market can be a wild and exciting journey.  Keep an open mind and follow your heart.  It will take you to the place you were meant to be.


Thinking about changing brokers?  eXp Realty is agent owned!  That means it includes revenue sharing, stock shares, higher commission and so much more.  We’re a family and we operate in the cloud.  Check out:  http://karenrothermich.exprealty.careers/



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